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Here are the most common facts, questions and answers that might interest you.


Which payment methods are accepted?


Following an availability check and a successful online booking you will receive a booking confirmation within 24 hours which shows the accepted payment options and the necessary details to transfer the payment. The booking will only be valid after the receipt of full payment.

When do the group lessons begin?

Beginner courses start on Sundays and Mondays with one exception. During the Christmas and New Year period, beginners may join in a class almost every day. Intermediate and advanced skiers can join group lessons daily except Fridays and Saturdays. The fact that beginners do not require a ticket/ski pass for the first one or two days is considered a great bonus. Our beginner learning ski area can be accessed without a ski pass. This results in a considerable savings.

How long is a group lesson?

Full day ski courses for children are from 10:00 am - 12:00 pm and from 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm with a one-hour lunch break in between. Half day ski courses for children are between 10:00 am - 12:00 pm. The remaining full day courses are from 10:30 am - 12:00 pm and from 1:00 pm - 2:30 pm with a one-hour lunch break in between. The remaining half day courses are between 10:30 am - 12:00 pm.

Can lunchtime supervision be arranged?

Yes, lunchtime supervision for children can be arranged and is always available. It costs € 20, - per child/day and includes a meal & drink as well as supervision. If you choose to take this offer, it must be paid to the ski instructor daily before the lesson begins. If your child is not booked for lunchtime supervision, please collect your child at the agreed time.

Full days or half day lessons for children, what is recommended?

Generally, we ski for a full day (4 hours) with children aged four years and older. For children aged three to four, we recommend a half-day course (2 hours). However, if that works well, your child can change to a full-day course and pay the difference in price on site. If your child no longer wishes to take part in the ski course, we will refund the money paid for the unused days!

What languages are spoken during the ski lessons?

All our instructors speak both German and English. We have many instructors from the Netherlands who are available for private lessons in Dutch and if required they may also teach the children's beginner groups. There is no guarantee that you or your child will get a teacher who speaks your native language other than German and English. However, we will do our best to help you in any way we can. Please note that the likelihood of booking a teacher who speaks your language is higher if you book a private lesson instead of a group lesson!

In which language is a private lesson held?

All our ski/boarding instructors speak German and English. Furthermore, you can also benefit from skiing instructors who speak other foreign languages besides German and English, for example: Dutch, Flemish, Italian, French, Spanish, Croatian, Slovenian, Bulgarian, Russian, Czech. Please note: Skiing instructors who speak one of the above languages should be booked in advance. We recommend booking online as early as possible as many of our regular guests tend to book these ski instructors for private lessons early on. We schedule our ski instructors work by the date and time of your bookings!

What are the benefits of booking online?

The main advantage of booking online is that you will receive the discount offered for that week on all courses and ski rentals. But more importantly, you are guaranteed a place on the ski school course and you will definitely receive ski equipment from the rental shop, even during the busy high season weeks. In order to maintain a high level of ski instruction, we only accept as many guests as our capacity allows. Once these limits have been reached, we will close the booking offices, which means you can no longer book on site.

Family discount with ski hire?

Per parent who rents a complete ski rental package for 6/7 days, one child under 11 years will not be charged! All children up to the age of 15 receive a 50% discount and for teenagers up to the age of 18 a 20% discount!